Charlotte and Spong - How We Sound

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C and S Youtube video sampler - of some of our songs .... and a video clip of us live on board ship (no mics!) - at Harwich Shanty Festival

(longer clips) Charlotte and Spong recorded live in concert for the Tall Ships Society at the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, Cornwall, GB, Sept 2005

The shanty 'Goodbye Fare thee Well'   (754kb MP3)

Another shanty 'Rosabella' (623kb)

A lifeboat hymn ' Pull for the shore' (779kb)

'Fiddler's Green' (written by John Connelly) (669kb)

A longer clip of 'Rosabella' (1,202kb)



(shorter clips) We purposely recorded these MP3s 'as we play them', not in a recording studio. They're not artificially 'enhanced'. What you hear is what you get, live.

A music hall song  Robinson Crusoe  (short clip - 51kb)

A sailor's hornpipe - (short clip - 89k kb)

The shanty  'Goodbye Fare thee Well' - (short clip - 100kb )

A longer clip of    Swansea Town (295kb)